Closer to Home

As the global financial crisis of 2008 and other social upheavals and worldwide tensions became front page stories, we have undertaken additional goals of bringing the people of the world a little closer together.


International Assistance

We are dedicated to bringing modern medical equipment and field hospitals to areas of the world suffering from lack of access to medical  services.


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Help is on

The Way


HELP IS ON THE WAY  is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization registered with the United Nations and dedicated to providing assistance to those who are in most need throughout the world.   The foundation is part of Integrated Consulting Resources Ltd, a 501(c3) nonprofit corporation which is dba "Help Is On The Way".  Our philosophy is "No one should be forced to suffer for lack of access to modern health care".  Needless pain and suffering may be avoided through proper diagnosis of illness or disease by having access to MRI's, CT Scans or just the ability to conduct simple blood tests.  Our extensive global network allows us to be the catalyst for this much needed change.